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Who we are

We started in 1997 with LCL transportation for GJM WARNACO (USA) and then switched
on to Container transportation in 2001 and catered to Expolanka Freight being their
only transport arm in the container transportation and proud to say that we still have
this giant top in our customer list, going down the lane we still service Star Garments
group (18 years),Expolanka Commodities (15 years) and have catered to major
companies like Ceylon Tea Marketing, J Cey Tea, Uni levers, Lake house and presently
we have the Hayleys Group, Pership Synergy, APS Logistics, Tropikal Life etc.

Our Services

What we do

Globally our profession is one of the physical gateways of growth in a country, this means our business plays a key role in the economy and basically it is more than a business that an employee and employer could be proud, A local trucking company does a major role in cargo safety, vessel cut-off times, safeguarding internationally owned equipment and changing the transportation model depending on the size, weight & height.


Import and Export is the main business and local shifting is also a part of it, We transport containers from the seaport the the consignee's unloading location in a timely manner within the free demurrage time given by the shipping line so that the consignee does not have to pay additional costs, the same for Export containers, We are the pioneers in Sri Lanka to have the GPRS system in our trucks and we do have the facility of providing this facility to our clients "Track your hired container truck" we also have additional facilities to provide containers on our trailers for a longer period when necessary prior to shipment date and additional equipment to use for local cargo & raw material transportation. We also transport large air freight cargo volumes to the Airport,


We have storage facilities for containers with cargo and without cargo, this may be due to lack of space to unload or loaded without vessel opening, this facility is also available for Sea / Air cargo and Air / Sea cargo, change of shipping lines, change of destinations, loading of stock lots or collecting cargo from multiple shippers (Sub contractors) , machinery to re-export due to defects or for repairs that has come to Sri Lanka under warranty. We provide video recordings & live video during these operations if necessary.


We are C-TPAT qualified, The only local company that has this certificate without an International chain, proud to have this so that we could handle container transport to buyers who require this certificate, specially the exporters to the United States of America.

Our Vehicles

What we have

Starting from the very old DAF 80 which is still in a very good condition and have few ERF-ECS, The Volvo for heavy cargo, The EC 11's for a smart smooth uphill drive, The Indian TATA for the Western Province quick runs and the latest TATA Magna made under Euro standards, we have trailers from the 20ft, 40ft, 42.5 ft & the 45 ft, The 45 ft trailer gives a 5 ft loading deck space for the LCL cargo stuffing to the 40ft containers.

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